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There are several foods in your diet that can increase your risk of dental damage or even help to reverse damage by strengthening your tooth enamel. Knowing which foods are healthy and which ones are unhealthy is essential for optimum oral health. To make the correct decisions, assess your diet and eliminate unhealthy products as you come across them.

If you ever find yourself constantly snacking down on sugary sweets or products that are high in sugary acids, you will be at an increased risk for dental erosion. This is because plaque and bacteria can often convert these substances into harmful acids in your mouth which will chew through your tooth enamel. Furthermore, eliminate sticky or chewy sweets or other products that can get lost between your teeth and gums. This is because the longer products are in contact with your teeth, the greater the risk of dental damage. Also, avoid hard candies or other hard snacks that can easily chip and crack your teeth.

Healthy foods include limiting snacking whenever possible. Snacking is similar to sticky and chewy sweets as it can increase the amount of time that food and debris are in contact with your teeth and gums. Thus, avoid eating foods between meals. Always look for foods that are high in the minerals calcium and phosphorus as they have been shown to help strengthen your tooth enamel and keep your teeth safe.

Always make sure your mouth is producing enough saliva, so you can keep your mouth clean and free of food debris that may build up. You can do this by eating crunchy foods with the high water content that help spur on the addition of saliva. Studies have shown that chewing sugarless gum after meals is also helpful for producing saliva and helping to prevent cavities.

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