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Fear of the dentist is a common occurrence, and usually develops at a young age. However, by taking preemptive measures, you can prevent your child from dreading his or her next checkup.

1. Start early.

Early exposure helps children to adapt better, and creates good oral habits while they’re young. The ADA recommends taking children to the dentist when their first teeth appear or by their first birthday.

2. Talk to your child about the dentist.

When children understand why they need to go to the dentist, as well as what to expect at their checkup, they’ll feel more at ease about the matter. When talking about the dentist within earshot of your child, avoid using negative words like “pain” and “scary.”

3. Find a family dentist.

Family dentists like Denver Palmer are specially trained to help kids feel safe during their checkup. They provide a fun, interactive environment and are especially gentle when examining children’s teeth and gums.

4. Make going to the dentist fun.

Denver Palmer will make checkups as fun for your child as possible, but turning checkups into a celebration with help your child look forward to their next visit even more. After the checkup, take your child to the park or a movie or out for a treat (make sure they brush and floss after).

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