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A dental crown acts like a helmet to an injured tooth, but even crowns are vulnerable when first attached. Our team at Cedar Pointe Family Dentistry wants you to have a positive experience with your new dental crown, so we offer you the following advice to protect a brand-new dental crown:

– Avoid hard, sticky food: Your dentist may begin with a temporary crown, which can be easily dislodged by sticky or crunchy food. Even permanent crowns should not come in contact with these foods for the first 24 hours. If you have a porcelain crown, beware of hard foods like ice and popcorn kernels.

– Chew carefully: No matter what you eat, you should chew on the side of your mouth opposite the new crown.

– Floss gently: When you floss around the new crown, instead of lifting the floss up, slide it out from between your teeth so as not to disrupt the crown. The area around the new crown may be sensitive for a while, so don’t be alarmed if flossing is uncomfortable at first.

– Maintain great oral hygiene: Remember that under your crown is a natural tooth that is susceptible to tooth decay. Positive dental habits will protect your natural teeth from requiring further dental work.

Cedar Pointe Family Dentistry offers CEREC same-day dental crowns so that you don’t need to bother with multiple visits or temporary crowns. During your first visit, Dr. Denver Palmer will fit a permanent crown made of high-quality porcelain on your affected tooth. For more information on dental crowns in Farmington, New Mexico, contact our office at (505) 327.0044.