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Every year, about three million teeth are broken or knocked out of the mouth due to dental trauma incurred from an oral injury. While immediate dental care can sometimes restore a knocked-out tooth, many teeth are beyond help and require a dental restoration to replace them. We can help you replace several missing teeth at one time by providing a custom partial denture to fill the empty space in your smile.

If you have a broken tooth that can’t be restored, Dr. Denver Palmer can remove any lingering tooth structure and roots so that space is clear for tooth replacement instead. Our dentist offers many options when it comes to restoring the appearance and strength of your smile. If oral surgery and dental implant placement are not ideal for you, we invite you to consider receiving a partial denture to restore your smile.

This type of denture restores the look and the function of missing teeth by being comprised of artificial teeth and a pink base so that your smile can have the look of beautiful teeth and healthy gums. Partial dentures are removable but often use interlocking wires to attach to your smile.

If you would like to receive a partial denture in Farmington, New Mexico, to address significant dental trauma, we invite you to call (505) 327.0044 to speak with our team at Cedar Pointe Family Dentistry.