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Residual food particles, plaque accumulation and other bacterial deposits that are not removed by your oral hygiene routine can lead to a variety of oral health problems. In time the persistent presence of These materials in the mouth can lead to increased plaque acids that promote tooth decay as well as hardened tartar which increases your risk of developing periodontal disease.

Initial symptoms of periodontal disease often manifest as gingivitis which causes the gums to look inflamed and easily when brushing and flossing. Many people with periodontal disease often notice chronic problems with bad breath.

In many of these cases inconsistent or infrequent flossing is contributing factor to the development of periodontal disease. Even if you are remembering to floss once each day, an inconsistent technique can leave traces of food particles and plaque behind.

The act of flossing should start by gently inserting the strand of dental floss between two teeth without forcing or snapping the floss into your gumline. You should then gently curve the strand to maximize surface contact with the tooth. The large molars and premolars in the back of your mouth might require multiple passes to thoroughly clean. You need to also remember to floss into the gumline and behind each of your rear molars.

Your routine dental checkups at Cedar Pointe Family Dentistry will also help clear away tartar and other bacterial deposits before they can contribute to gum disease and tooth decay. It also involves a comprehensive oral exam, which allows our dentist to catch any early signs of an oral health problem.

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