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Chewing gum does more than just keep your mouth busy. In fact, it can even help your smile. This is why your dentist, Dr. Denver Palmer, recommends chewing gum throughout the day. To tell you a little more about chewing gum in Farmington, New Mexico, he is happy to share some facts with you.

-Sugar-free gum can help you prevent dental issues. This is because when you chew the gum, saliva is produced. The saliva frequently washes your mouth and eliminates bacteria. Because it’s sugar-free, it doesn’t promote cavities—it just helps prevent them.

-If you chew gum that has xylitol, you can further prevent cavities. This is because xylitol makes it tough for the oral bacteria to cling to the teeth and cause problems.

-Chewing gum is not recommended when you have jaw soreness or jaw problems, and it’s not recommended to replace your oral hygiene practices with chewing gum.

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