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One key component of oral health care that usually pops up when something is wrong with your smile is a toothache. If you feel pain within a tooth, it is a good indicator that something is wrong. Sometimes, it could simply be inflammation or a piece of food stuck between your teeth, but there are many times that the symptoms indicate it could be a sign of something worse.

When is a toothache more than just a toothache? Watch for the following signs and symptoms:

– Does pain continue to bother your tooth even after medications are taken to help dull the pain?
– Has the pain from a tooth extraction continued after 24 hours?
– Is your face swelling, or do you have a high fever?
– Do you notice any pus around a tooth or signs of an abscess?
– Did you have any teeth that were knocked completely out during an oral accident or injury?
– Do you have any unexplained facial rashes?
– Do you have any cavities that you have failed to remove?
– Are you showing any signs of an infection within your mouth?

If you answered yes to any of these signs, you may need to schedule an appointment at Cedar Pointe Family Dentistry.

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