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If you could look at your teeth on a microscopic level, you would see small pores in the mineral structures that make up your tooth enamel. When staining particles from dark foods and beverages become trapped in these microscopic textures, they can slowly adhere to and penetrate the enamel.

Wearing whitening strips is a convenient way of whitening your smile while you go about your day. They are essentially a clear, plastic film that has been covered with a special topical form of hydrogen peroxide. While you’re wearing them, the casual observer won’t even notice they’re in your mouth. When you’re using them, you should not eat, drink, chew gum or use tobacco products.

Before purchasing a particular brand of whitening strips, you should always look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. This insignia represents that the product and its active ingredients have been researched and tested to meet rigorous guidelines for safety and effectiveness.

It’s worth noting that whitening strips can only brighten minor stains on teeth. Deeply stained tooth enamel will require stronger measures. The safest and most effective way to whiten deeply stained teeth is to have your dentist, Dr. Denver Palmer, administer a dental-bleaching treatment.

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